Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Patina on Copper: More Green Obsession

I like shiny copper, but I LOVE (!) oxidized copper. So, I've been on a patina craze this last month, making things out of copper and playing with patina finishes in shades of green.

My circular shawl-pin design is based on the historical European penannular cloak brooches from the middle ages. The clever simplicity of this design looks both ancient and modern at the same time

I use copper for my version, hammered and hardened in a tumbler, and patinaed for various effects. The ancient versions are quite robust and heavy. My version is lighter in scale and weight. These attractively anchor both light weight silk scarves, pashminas and heavy woven shawls or capes, holding them in place without damaging the fibers.

Fiddling with the the patina on these turned out to be such fun that I was inspired to patina everything in copper that I can get my hands on. I love the effect on my copper disks and washers, which I'm turning into earrings for

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