Sunday, May 31, 2009

Etsy Lounge is Open!

I am changing my main blog focus and am building the new blog called Etsy Lounge. Please jump over and visit, and I hope to see you as a follower.

The mission of Etsy Lounge is to showcase remarkable creations by Etsy artisans, and create some synergy for some of the best talent on Etsy. If you like the items that catch my eye, please bookmark the blog or follow, and join in with your comments, plugs for other artists or for yourself, and mainly find some great Etsy Picks without having to do endless searching by scrolling through pages of listings.


  1. What a wonderful idea--I just came in and not only do I want to see about your blog, I'm interested in your shop! This looks exciting! So here goes...:-)

  2. Thanks for visiting this blog, too! Great to have you both here and at Etsy Lounge, Dawn.


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