Sunday, April 26, 2009

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Green Obsession

I have a compulsion to use green in almost all of my colorways, as illustrated in the pictured random sampling of my yarn colorways. A customer recently asked for a custom colorway "without any green," and then yesterday, another one asked me to modify one of my colors to play up the green. Color preferences fascinate me. Often we think of them as mere personal idiosyncrasies, but actually our preferences reveal more about us than we realize.

We know from science that he brain processes color in ways that impact our emotions. Eastern cultures have long incorporated color properties and symbolism into healing and balancing arts, while modern western cultures have for decades applied color theory to marketing and to manipulating consumer behavior. Only more recently have we recognized the profound psychological repercussions of color in our designed environments, beyond simple matters of taste and trend.

Individuals gravitate to certain colors for reasons beyond visual pleasure. Color is a vital part of life, being a property of light. Light is wavelength and is a form of vibration, which means energy. Light penetrates all matter, every atom and molecule in the universe, including those within our bodies. Not only is color directed into our brains through our eyes, but it literally interacts with us physically as our bodys internal energy reacts with external energy that surrounds us constantly.

While we should all enjoy our own personal color preferences just for the simple pleasure it brings, whether we recognize it or not we are always absorbing and transmitting colors energy. Consciously or not, we seek out colors that bring us joy and comfort. Those who are interested may consciously experiment with specific colors to promote a positive response or balance whatever is amiss on a given day, or through a time of transition or healing. In researching color meaning, ancient eastern theories abound, characterized by terminology such as chakra or Qi, as well as plenty of modern day studies into behavioral, psychological and marketing aspects of color. Regardless of the data source, some striking common threads emerge in all of these disciplines.

Some interesting theories about physiological responses to color can be found at this interesting website :

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chanteuse Layering Necklaces

My studio is loaded with yarns waiting to be painted, but my attention has been solely focused on my jewelry for a couple of weeks. Some friends went nuts for three of my recent designs and that inspired me to sit down at the bench and get busy.

I think I'm calling this particular theme of layering necklaces "Chanteuse." This prototype pair features sterling silver, aquamarine chips and dragon-skin agate. The pair consists of two necklaces that can be worn singly or paired together. The long, tapered 3-strand necklace with the silver-wrapped aquamarine chips can be worn long (in 3 tiers) or doubled around the neck to create 6 strands. Freshwater rice pearls frame the clasp which can positioned at the side of the neck or at the back. The single-stranded pendant necklace with the big dragon-skin focal is also adjustable length, and can be worn alone or paired with the triple-tiered necklace, with the pendant hanging low or high. Check it out in this video:

Click on the arrow to view this creation.

April Phat Fiber Sample

The Phat Fiber Sample Box April theme is "Green." The yarn I chose to contribute is "green" in the sense of being organically-grown (low impact on the environment.) And, the color green is also represented in the colorway.
This luscious yarn is available at, and is called Organic Thick-Thin Country Cotton. It is a baby-soft bulky weight yarn with a homespun look and feel. The colorway pictured is called "Palouse" in honor of the eastern Washington high desert. Driving through this landscape in the early morning or late afternoon is a feast for the eyes, bringing out gorgeous soft hues of wild sage, rock and vegetation. The greens are subtle & "herbal."