Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chanteuse Layering Necklaces

My studio is loaded with yarns waiting to be painted, but my attention has been solely focused on my jewelry for a couple of weeks. Some friends went nuts for three of my recent designs and that inspired me to sit down at the bench and get busy.

I think I'm calling this particular theme of layering necklaces "Chanteuse." This prototype pair features sterling silver, aquamarine chips and dragon-skin agate. The pair consists of two necklaces that can be worn singly or paired together. The long, tapered 3-strand necklace with the silver-wrapped aquamarine chips can be worn long (in 3 tiers) or doubled around the neck to create 6 strands. Freshwater rice pearls frame the clasp which can positioned at the side of the neck or at the back. The single-stranded pendant necklace with the big dragon-skin focal is also adjustable length, and can be worn alone or paired with the triple-tiered necklace, with the pendant hanging low or high. Check it out in this video:

Click on the arrow to view this creation.

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