Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weaving: Escaping the Computer and Returning to My Loom

Been busily designing accessories for my Etsy stores now that autumn is upon us. Here's a peek at what will be appearing at Katsarayarns this next week. The first two photos my latest fall scarves and neck wraps in progress -- still working out the finishing touches. The cloth is woven using a blend of fibers selected for their fulling effects in the finishing process. 10 colorways are planned, and I just hope I'll find the time to sample them all this month. For my pennanular Relic Pins, I decided to add the polished copper option, because the verdigris patina can get lost on some scarves depending on the fiber colors. I'll also be embellishing some OOAK's with stones for those who want a touch of glam to the rustic style of my pins.
It has become a struggle for me to find enough time for my studio work and keep up with my blog, EtsyLounge. I want another 8 hours in each day in order to fit everything in.
And now, back to EtsyLounge.....up to 200 followers now and pleased to hear from so many artists who appreciate the promotion and traffic I've been generating for them. I'm crossing my fingers that some of that synergy will find its way to my own humble stores.


  1. Thanks, californiablue! These are colors that I wear, so that makes it easy to figure out my prototypes. Now I need to turn my attention to colors that other people wear -- not always the same as mine.

  2. Your work is amazing Andria!!! 10 colorways! Wow you are so ambitious! Love your attention to detail...and I, too, have to find more time in the day for the computer vs. the loom! Oh, did I mention family life? ha ha ha... Love those pins too!! Multi-talented!

  3. Cait, Your comment is most appreciated coming from such a talented fellow weaver! 10 colorways....We shall see how far I get with that one. Big plans, shortage of time. Same story with all of us, eh?


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