Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Is oatmeal a color?

My loom has no warp on it right now. I haven't been weaving on it lately, other than my thin wrist cuffs.

This was a silk-blend shawl-scarf I wove late in 2007 and it sold pretty quickly in my Etsy store, priced at $62.00. It was dreamy light weight and tightly woven on a fine mixed warp with a fine silk weft. I later discovered I may have priced it too low.

I admit to a psycho-fetish for fiber quality and interesting colorplay in my textiles. There's a place for beige and simplicity, but it is easy to buy that anyplace, and I see no reason to make things by hand that are common, "consumery" and bland. And that brings me to oatmeal and a rant about color: I wish Americans would be more adventurous! We wear oatmeal, we furnish our homes in oatmeal, and when we feel bold, we throw in a dash of blue. Red is a wild statement for us. Women who wear turquoise and purple are suspected of being a tad nutty. When you go to France, as an example, you see COLOR. A green coat. Orchid boots. Chartreuse scarf. Here in America, we like to blend in with our black shoes, brown bag, beige coat. Muddy tweed scarf. Blegh.

Can't we all just have more fun?

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